Jacques Bogart Bogart Pour Homme 100ml EDT for Men, BUS4420

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20 in stock


A Pour Homme that captures the essence of masculine strength and adorns the alpha male like the crown that he deserves, the Jacques Bogart Eau de Toilette is one that will leave memories of you sweeping through the room long after you have left it. Reminiscent of unparalleled elegance that comes only with bred class, the fragrance is one that lingers with the notes of lemon blossom and rosemary creating a pleasant aura. Not at all overbearing, the fragrance commingles aromatic notes with woodiness and sweet lightness, ensuring that your spirits find an instant pick-up. A perfume that will remain in your memory long after your senses can perceive it, the fragrance boast of Russian leather and birch notes that add just a little edge.



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