Guerlain Encens Mythique EDP 125ml 3346470136304

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An ethereal frankincense leaves only a fleeting mark on this fragrance, while rose imprints its fiery accents.

But the endless sweetness and exceptional depth come from authentic and majestic ambergris of New Zealand, specially selected by Thierry Wasser for this fragrance.

An enigmatic opus to sing the praises of a world devoted to eternity.

Musky Oriental. Precious, enveloping, endearing.

Incense, aldehydes, ambergris.

Ambergris gives this fragrance its intense character. Amber is one of the most luxurious raw materials in perfumery.

Thierry Wasser used it to create an exceptional communelle by assembling blocks of amber according to their scent (salty, marine, warm, animal) to attain the perfect note.

Ideal for men and women alike.


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