Calvin Klein One Shock EDT 100ml for Women

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This Calvin Klein Shock Eau de Toilette is enriched with a floral fragrance of passion flower, pink peony, and poppy. Together, they add a very fresh floral note that smells between warm and dry earthy, providing an aromatic calming effect.

The core of this perfume is composed of exhilarating dark cocoa, feminine jasmine, delicate narcissus and blackberry. Jasmine and Narcissus lend a sweet narcotic scent that is floral, sweet, and fresh. Dark chocolate and blackberry give a dusty feel with a bitterish edge that is slightly sour and honeyed.

Forming the foundation on which the other notes lie are the base accords that comprise of different woody and sweet notes. It has patchouli that offers a sweet, dark, and woody edge while amber provides a warm and powdery note. Vanilla adds a cozy, comforting, with a pleasant cookie baking feeling to it and musk acts as groundwork on which the rest of the aromatic shades and nuances of the composition rest.


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