Smart Oud Weekly Collection With a Crystal Stand – A

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9.000 KWD


Enjoy the scented atmosphere throughout the whole week with the exclusive collection of 7 different flavours of smart oud.

The Collection includes:
1. Heavenly: (Sunday)
Blend of Patchouli & Cedarwood

2. Enchantress: (Monday)
Blend of Amber, Bergamot & Lavender

3. Smell Me: (Tuesday)
Blend of Saffron & Vanilla

4. Indulgence: (Wednesday)
Blend of Vanilla, Patchouli & Musk

5. Wild Rose: (Thursday)
Blend of Floral & Spicy

6. Abeer: (Friday)
Blend of Lavender & Rosewood

7. Bustan: (Saturday)
Blend of Green Leaves & Mandarin.

Inside the Package:
• 7 Sticks
• 1 Crystal Stand



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