Narciso Rodriguez Narciso Rouge 90ml EDP for Women

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With this new chapter, I wanted to elevate the seductive nature of the original NARCISO. Eau de parfum rouge is not only sexy; it arouses passion. »

Narciso Rodriguez

A passion red bottle

NARCISO eau de parfum rouge is presented in the iconic signature bottle of the NARCISO collection, attires oneself with a profound and singular red. The simplicity and elegance of the shape is enhanced by a deep crimson glow from within.

With this new color, that possesses a universal reach and symbolizes love, temptation, ardor, narciso rodriguez celebrates the intensity of passion contained in this fragrance. It sets ablaze the profound sensuality of women. The bottle encapsulates radiant beauty while the packaging echoes its purity.

Sensuality heightened at its apogee

The NARCISO rouge woman is ardent, confident and irresistible. With this fragrance, the alchemy of attraction is rekindled. The designer opens a daring world of scent, more impetuous, mysterious, and highly intoxicating.

The foundation of the fragrance lies in the heart of musk, Narciso Rodriguez’s signature. It beguiles in a thrilling swirl of scent delightfully animated by an exquisite floral bouquet of Bulgarian rose and iris. The base notes, composed of vivid amber, vetiver, black and white cedar and improved by tonka reinforce the ardent character of the scent and lend an urgency.

The subtle blend of romanticism of floral poetry and the deeper, darker sensuality of NARCISO rouge leaves a devastating trail that bewitches and stirs the senses.

Raquel Zimmermann

The new image of Raquel Zimmerman, the NARCISO collection muse, celebrates the dual nature of femininity. With a sultry pose, she evokes vulnerability and strength, grace and passion. Her gaze is unwavering and fascinating. With this picture, the art of seduction reaches its peak.  Raquel Zimmerman perfectly embodies the strong confidence, profound sensuality of rouge eau de parfum.

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