Juliette Has A Gun Midnight Oud 100ml EDP for Women

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A new beauty, named Midnight Oud from Romano Ricci’s niche line Juliette Has A Gun has just arrived on the market. Designer’s ambition for launching this fragrance is to introduce a combination of rock and elegance, creating this romantic and original concept this way, which accompanies the whole collection and creates an image of modern and fragrant rebel.

As for the collection, apart from this fragrance, we can expect just one more edition, since it was planned that Juliette Has A Gun series would encompass 5 perfumes. The new fragrance Midnight Oud was inspired by oriental notes, including accords of Moroccan rose, oud, amber, several sorts of musk, saffron, geranium and patchouli oil. Rose is definitely a common symbol of the whole niche line and this time it is combined with special, mystical Oud tact in a wonderful way.

Midnight Oud arrives in a metallic flacon with engraved name and ornaments. Outer carton has cylindrical shape, just like previous editions, and is dressed in dark velvet with a satin ribbon as a feminine detail.

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