Custo Barcelona Pure Custo Barcelona 100ml EDT for Women

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Top note is fresh and free, just like the fashion of Custo Barcelona was at the beginning of its adventure. Mediterranean bergamot and lemon blend their citric notes with the warm and exotic seduction of ginger. The green notes of sage underscore femininity while providing an aura of freshness.

The middle note is full of personality, with a contrast between the floral blend of intriguing violet and the exotic notes provided by fruits, pepper and the modern Super Hedione.

The bottom note reveals sensuality and feminine appeal thanks to the contrast of fragrant wood notes with intense musk and the sweetness of vanilla.

The bottle and the box. The two new fragrances are presented in an original context by Custo Dalmau. A printed neoprene case, in pink for girls and blue tones for boys, covers the glass of the bottle and is closed with a zip that recalls the wetsuits used by surfers to combat the cold ocean waters. The cases add a surprising touch that marks everything that this daring creator does: cutting-edge fabric and the idea of dressing up the bottle of a fragrance.

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