Bali Body Tanning and Body Oil 100ml

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Get the best tanning results this summer and create the ultimate glow using the Bali Body Natural Tanning and Body Oil. A plant-based oil made from all natural, organic ingredients creating a hydrating moisture for your skin. A nourishing tanning oil that enhances a deep long-lasting glow. A product that continues to hydrate your skin from day-to-night, leaving a silky, smooth finish.

Shake well before use
Apply liberally and evenly every 15 minutes before sun exposure
Re-apply after swimming
No SPF Protection
100% natural oil
Store in a cool and dry place
Made in Australia

تان أويل ذهبي بالي بودي
زيت طبيعي يعطيج لون برونزي جبار
سرعه الامتصاص وترطيب عالي
يناسب البشره الحساسه
مكونات الزيت:
زيت بذور العنب
جوز الهند
زيت الجوجوبا / فيتامين E

Bali Body tanning oils and creams are a one of a kind skincare range that makes sure that the tan you’ve worked so hard to get on your holiday stays and is long lasting. All Bali Body products are made with natural and nourishing ingredients keeping your skin replenished with vitamins and hydrated. All made in Melbourne, Australia promising to bring you a skincare range that is vegan friendly.

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