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Oliver Weber Collier Fine Rhodium crystal PENDANT 11353

36.9 KWD

Oliver Weber Collier Fantaise Rhodium golden shadow NECKLACE 11739

48.9 KWD

Oliver Weber Ring Excite gold silver night M RING 41089M

33.9 KWD

Oliver Weber Bracelet Excessive gold crystal BRACELET 32140G

47.9 KWD

Oliver Weber Collier Excessive Rhodium crystal PENDANT 11542R

68.9 KWD

Oliver Weber Collier Excessive gold crystal PENDANT 11542G

68.9 KWD

Oliver Weber Ring Event gold topaz one size RING 41029220

45.9 KWD

Oliver Weber Pendant Eternal Rhodium crystal satin PENDANT 11397SAT

37.9 KWD

Oliver Weber Pendant Eau Winter Rhodium crystal lt. col. topaz PENDANT, 11664

37.0 KWD

Oliver Weber Earring Diva Rhodium crystal EARRING 22188R

59.0 KWD

Oliver Weber Earring Diva gold crystal EARRING 22188G

59.0 KWD

Oliver Weber Earring Combine 925AG Rhodium cry/jet EARRING 7682

95.0 KWD

Oliver Weber Pendant Care 925AG Rhodium crystal PENDANT 7312

55.0 KWD

Oliver Weber Bracelet Bright Pearl Rhodium crystal BRACELET 32060

48.0 KWD

Oliver Weber Collier Bloom Rhodium aqua NECKLACE 11732R

65.0 KWD

Oliver Weber Collier Bloom rosegold bl. diamond NECKLACE 11732G

65.0 KWD

Oliver Weber Earring Award gold crystal EARRING 22578G

Oliver Weber Pendant Award gold crystal PENDANT 11648G

37.0 KWD

Oliver Weber Ohrstecker Autentic Rhodium denim blue EARRING 22301266

33.0 KWD

Oliver Weber Armband Art rosegold multicolor BRACELET 32138

50.0 KWD

Escada Glamorous Feminity Gold Plated with Swarovski Crystal Necklace, E62123

67.3 KWD

Escada Glamorous Feminity Gold Plated With Swarovski Crystal Ring, E67033

40.1 KWD

Escada Glamorous Feminity Gold Plated with Swarovski Crystal Earrings, E64095

35.8 KWD

Escada Glamorous Feminity Gold Plated with Swarovski Crystal Earrings, E64096

31.5 KWD